Team Building


We offer unique Team Building Cooking Workshops in Sydney as a great way to unify and challenge your employees and co-workers in a different and innovative way. 

Our workshops can run during lunch or dinner time, where participants will not only learn new techniques while cooking their own food, but will also encourage them to improve collaboration, and will inspire them to enhance their creativity, all while having a lot of fun that will increase their motivation and will help reduce stress and tension.

How Does It Work? 

Our hands-on cooking experience will engage & challenge participants at all times.

People can be received with a selection of beers, wine, and non-alcoholic beverages as well as a tasty appetizer to help them get settled in.

Groups will be divided into teams to work on their own workstations.

The first challenge will be to come up with team names with an option to let them design (decorate) their own chef hats to help them create stronger bonds through a common identity.

To add extra fun and boost their competitive spirit, teams can be asked to participate in a cook-off completion where teams will be required to cook dishes within set timeframes, that later will need to be presented to judges that will not only score the food based on taste and presentation but will also rate the collaboration and creativity of each team.

During the competition, team will receive guidance from professional chefs to either follow comprehensive recipes or create their own inventions with a Mystery Box.

If cooking new dishes under pressure is not enough to take them out of their comfort zone, don’t worry, as we will also throw in a few unexpected curve balls rattle them along the way.

To finish, teams will be given a hands-on MasterClass to prepare Paella, the most famous Spanish dish, that can be packaged to take away or served to enjoy at the end of the session.