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Best Paella Catering Sydney - Tapas, Canapés & More

Are you looking for the best paella catering in Sydney?

With Tapas Market, you will not only find the best catering of Spanish paellas in Sydney, but also the most beautiful and delicious grazing tables and traditional tapas, canapés and desserts from all over the world.

We cater for small and large groups for any special occasion (eg. Birthdays, Parties, Weddings, Corporate Functions, Anniversaries).

Entertain your guests with our giant paella pans and learn from highly skilled chefs how paellas are made from scratch. Our paella catering service not only strive to prepare and serve beautiful and delicious paellas and tapas, but also endeavour to provide the best service to help you create unforgettable moments.

Our paellas are gluten free, dairy, egg & soy free with a generous ratio of protein to rice. In every one of our paellas, only the finest ingredients are used, and all our paellas, tapas and canapés are made from free range products.

If you are looking to provide different options for your guests, apart from our paellas and tapas, we also prepare and cook the most amazing charcoal skewers that are very popular with meat lovers and kids.

Our popular catering packages combining our famous paellas with tapas, grazing tables or charcoal skewers include private chefs and waitresses to cook and serve all food at your home or venue of choice in Sydney (onsite catering with no more to pay).

How does onsite Paella catering work?

We will discuss and agree these details, but generally our catering team will arrive to your home or venue of choice 2 hours before the time of service to have enough time to set up before your guests arrive.

Everything required to cook and serve all paellas, tapas, canapés, charcoal skewers and desserts will be provided by us (eg. marquee, tables, cooking appliances, lights, plates, cutlery, serviettes).

Grazing tables or food stations (eg. Mexican or desserts table) will be assembled and decorated onsite on arrival. Grazing tables are an excellent choice when you want guests to wander around and help themselves at their own pace while tapas, paellas and charcoal skewers are prepared and cooked.

When tapas or canapés are part of the menu, they will be prepared and served first, normally while paellas and or charcoal skewers are being cooked or grilled.

Paellas are served with your salads of choice and dinner rolls, and charcoal skewers have the option to be served by themselves or inside a bread roll, and are normally accompanied with sides such as fries, sweet potato chips, charred corn or salad. Be aware that our famous home-made sauces for skewers and rolls are to die for.

If the catering service includes desserts, these will be prepared and given after the tapas, paellas and charcoal skewers service is finished.

Once all food is served, we will clean, pack up and leave to let you enjoy the rest of the day.

Are you ready to book your next paella catering event? Or do you have any questions or have special requirements?

Give us a call at 0415568492 or send us an email using our Contact Us form or using the following email address: