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Paella Sydney Catering Packages

Are you looking for the best paella catering service in Sydney and surrounding suburbs?

At Tapas Market we strive to create memorable culinary experiences for your next special occasion, be it a birthday party, wedding, corporate event, or an anniversary.

Choose from our popular Paella, Tapas & Skewer packages and save money by bundling multiple products into a single price per person.

All our Sydney catering packages include your own private chef(s), and assistants/waitresses*. We prepare the food in front of your guests while ensuring a perfect experience.

Enjoy your event while we take care of the catering! We'll arrive with all equipment and supplies needed to cook and serve the most amazing Paella in Sydney.

We provide eco-friendly disposable plates, cutlery serviettes as part of the price, and we can offer other options.


Paella Catering:

We offer the best Spanish Paella in Sydney. No need to search further, as we are the real deal!

Our Chefs will delight and amaze with the authentic flavour of Spain, we offer:

- Vegetarian Paella
- Chicken Chorizo Paella
- Seafood Paella
- Mixed Paella

All our paellas are gluten-free and multiple options can be chosen as long as the number of people per option is greater than 20 people.

paella-package.png tapas-paella-package.jpeg grazing-table-paella-package.jpeg grazing-table-tapas-paella-package.jpeg

Paella Package

Tapas & Paella Package

Grazing Table & Paella Package

Grazing Table, Tapas & Paella Package



Tapas Catering:

Our specialty is the preparation of Spanish Latin American Tapas, our Chefs also prepare a wide range of beautiful and delicious canapes from all over the world.

Can't find the one you like on our website? Don’t worry, contact us and it is likely that we can prepare it and offer it as part of our package.

tapas-package.jpeg grazing-table-tapas-package.jpeg tapas-paella-package.jpeg

Tapas Package

Grazing Table & Tapas Package

Tapas & Paella Package

tapas-skewers-package.jpeg grazing-table-tapas-paella-package.jpeg grazing-table-tapas-skewers-package.jpeg

Tapas & Skewers Package

Grazing Table, Tapas & Paella Package

Grazing Table, Tapas & Skewers Package


Charcoal BBQ Catering: Skewers and Bread Rolls

Want to surprise meat lovers with something really special?

We carefully handcraft and season our beef, chicken, chorizo, prawn & vegetable skewers, then grill them in charcoal to wow all your guests (including kids).

Your guests will love that authentic charcoal BBQ aroma!

We can serve skewers on their own, or in a long roll with lettuce, coleslaw, fried shallots, and/or grated cheese.

Pair them with side dishes such as chips, sweet potato, charred cob, mash potato or salads, and make them extra special with our famous home-made sauces such as aioli, onion, bacon and corn.

tapas-skewers-package.jpeg grazing-table-skewers-package.jpeg grazing-table-tapas-skewers-package.jpeg

Tapas & Skewers Package

Grazing Table & Skewers Package

Grazing Table, Tapas & Skewers Package


Grazing Table Catering

If you are expecting your guests to wander around and help themselves at their own pace, the grazing table catering is the option for you.

We offer two main options:

The “Light” Grazing Table includes: Aged, soft, firm blue cheeses, bread, biscuits crackers, vegetables sticks, dips, fruit loaves, olives, antipasto, nuts, pickles, fresh dried fruits and cold meats
The “Lot” Grazing Table contains: All of the above plus cured meats and seafood (eg. Sashimi, smoked salmon, prawns)

You can add The “Sweet” Grazing Table, which contains:

Mini cakes (Carrot, chocolate, lemon, vanilla), fruit skewers, mini-desserts in a shot glass (lemon pie, strawberry, chocolate, tiramisu, passion fruit), biscuits and some petite fours.

We can also include mini doughnuts, macaroons, cheesecakes, churro shots, cake pops and novelty cupcakes among other special desserts for an extra cost.

grazing-table-paella-package.jpeg grazing-table-tapas-package.jpeg grazing-table-skewers-package.jpeg

Grazing Table & Paella Package

Grazing Table & Tapas Package

Grazing Table, & Skewers Package

grazing-table-tapas-paella-package.jpeg grazing-table-tapas-skewers-package.jpeg  

Grazing Table, Tapas & Paella Package

Grazing Table, Tapas & Skewers Package



* Number of chefs and assistants/waitresses depend on the number of people and selection in the order.

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